Erotic Romance: Book Annotation 2

Master of the Mountain: Mountain Masters series, Book 1:

This is another Cherise Sinclair novel, though it’s significantly different in both atmosphere, setting, and tone. Readers who otherwise might be intimidated by the dark fetish life and atmosphere of the Shadowlands club, but still want to read about a dominant-submissive power dynamic, would probably enjoy Sinclair’s Mountain Masters books, especially since she has a surprising knack for describing natural scenery.


Rebecca’s life revolves around her demanding job, her constant dieting, and the picture-perfect boyfriend she can’t seem to fall in love with. So what if he wants to take her on a swinging couples’ retreat? He’s pretty much perfect on paper, and a trip to the mountains doesn’t sound so bad. But upon arrival at the remote lodge, the scene she’s been pushed into discomforts and depresses her. After finding her boyfriend in bed with another woman in their cabin, she firmly rejects their offer of a threesome and leaves to sleep on the lodge’s front porch, in silent protest of the orgy happening in the great room.

After a disturbing and violent tour in Iraq, Logan has found a life of relative solace running the mountain lodge with his brother, Jake. Catering to the kinkier groups of guests has its benefits, though he interacts much more with the BDSM crowds than he does with the swingers. That’s why he’s surprised to find little blonde Rebecca practically freezing on the front porch on her first night. After he takes carries to his room to warm her up, they share an intimate moment, and he discovers that he might have a perfect submissive on his hands.

But is Rebecca too frightened to give up control? And can Logan finally shed his ghosts and open himself up to something new? A battle of wills, recurring nightmares, and their own insecurities might be bigger obstacles than they’re prepared to overcome.


In many ways, this book has many of the appeals of the Shadowlands series. But female readers uncomfortable with whips, chains, and sadism might be a little more comfortable with the gentle domination displayed in the Mountain Masters series. And the premise of the book–a group retreat to a lodge–may make it easier for women to insert themselves into the fantasy. Full-figured women, in particular, will appreciate the fairly realistic appearance of the female protagonist.

Read Alikes:

The rest of the Mountain Masters series, by Cherise Sinclair.

The Wicked Lovers series by Shayla Black

Melissa Schroeder’s Harmless series


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